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Latest Projects of HV Substations

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Fara Padid is a high – medium voltage contractor which is specialized in general engineering, design, procurement, installation, maintenance and operation of HV – MV substations as well as BOP and Power Plants, which give clients a single point of accountability & simplified client project management to increase e cost efficiency.

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  • By consistently removing contaminants upstream of liquefaction processes, your plants run with fewer upsets for longer intervals between shutdowns – adding to bottom-line performance.
  • FPC Oil & Gas’s gas treating portfolio provides customized solutions for acid gas removal, dehydration, liquids recovery, desulfurization, and mercury removal.
  • Working with a single technology provider to design and specify the entire gas purification block ensures a smooth transition to steady state operation..

Expertise & Experience

  • Improving Production

    Maintain safety and reliability while increasing profitability

  • Technology Analysis

    Process Technology Analysis & Support to review your operations for optimal process and catalyst performance.

  • Analytics & Support

    Analytical Support for on-site or remote analysis of your processes for optimal performance.

FPC by his technical services provides a high quality design for 11KV, 20KV, 33KV, 63KV, 132KV, 230KV and 400KV substations and transmission. Our services are including, but not limited for main scopes and equipment like:
  • -Transformers
  • -Out Door and Indoor Switchgears
  • -LVAC/DC, Protection and MV panels
  • -SCADA System -Communications System
  • -HVAC
  • -Battery and Distribution System
  • -Telephone and Paging
  • -CCTV
  • -Towers and Structures
  • -Wires and Cables
  • With a help of our partners & suppliers all around the world, we are specialized in process of equipment supplement which will help us to convince our clients satisfactions and keep more success in our projects.
    Fara Padid Provide optimum solution for new and extension HV/MV substations by using vide range products library from manufacturers to use right products in design to help clients budgetary.