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Generating renewable energy on a local scale allows communities to leverage private investment to meet sustainability and economic development goals. The result is a cleaner, safer, more resilient energy infrastructure.
Adding local, renewable power to your portfolio can help establish your utility as a forward-thinking business dedicated to helping the communities you serve meet sustainability and economic-development goals.

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  • Fara Padid has aggressive goals for utilizing solar power, including lots of local solar, without raising customer rates. Our Advanced Solar Initiative has allowed us to cost-effectively expand our renewable portfolio, and we are now a national leader with over 735 MW of installed solar capacity. The Clean Coalition's CLEAN Program Guide and other resources definitely facilitated the design and implementation of our programs, including the standard offer program we developed for commercial-scale solar projects."

FPC Expertise & Experience

  • Solar Energy

    Solar energy is one of the very few long-term solutions for the world's energy needs with zero operational pollution/CO2 emissions (versus fossil fuels), free fuel from sunlight (versus coal and natural gas fuel costs), and near-zero operational risk (versus nuclear disasters).

  • Solar & Wind Energy Cost

    Solar & Wind energy costs have plunged in the past several years and will continue to decline in coming years in line with improved technology, thus dramatically improving solar economics for consumers and boosting global demand and unit sales.

  • Less Government Dependencies

    Solar & Wind is becoming ever less dependent on government incentives due to falling solar costs and is already grid-competitive without subsidies in many geographical areas and in even more areas during peak electricity demand times.

Our professional network of experienced solar & wind installers, engineers and contractors allows us to combine affordable solar & wind power solutions with the highest standards of customer service excellence.
In 2013, a new solar energy project was installed every 4 minutes!
The value of the solar market in 2014 is estimated to be $13.7 billion dollars!
Solar industry grew by 53% from 2012 to 2013 making it one of the fastest growing sectors in the word economy. The industry installed 5.2 GW of solar electric (PV and CPV) capacity in 2013.
Solar power is the resultant conversion of sunlight into electric current via the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Additionally, it can be heat energy that’s generated from solar thermal systems which concentrate sunlight into receivers to heat water.
What is solar electricity? Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight into electricity that can be used to power your home, office or industrial facility. Today’s solar electric technology can be harnessed to either supplement power supplied by your utility company or to take you completely off-grid from the utility company. Off-grid systems use battery back-up systems to store power.